Stuffed Gifts- Cuddly Cat

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• 7 x 5″ Black Latex Balloons
• 2 x 5″ White Latex Balloons
• 4 x6″ White Hearts Latex Balloons
• 5 x 5″ Animal Printed Latex Balloons
• 1 x 18″ Diamond Clear Latex Balloon
• 1 x 260Q Black Balloon
• 1 x 6″ Red Heart Balloon
• 3 x 160Q Black Balloons




Create a 4-balloon cluster using 5″ black latex sized to approx. 4″ and secure a double stuffed 5″ water-weight to the center of the cluster.


Using the Conwin Insider Stuffing Tool, fill the 18″ Diamond Clear balloon with 7 x 5″ Animal Print latex balloons. Once all the balloons are inside, inflate the 18″ to approx. 16″.



To create the cat’s head:

Create a 5-balloon cluster using 5″ white balloons inflated to 3″ (cluster 1).
Create a 5-balloon cluster, 2 x 6″ Hearts inflated to 5.5″, 2 x 6″ Hearts inflated to 4″, and 1 x 5″ white to 4.5″, this is an unusual cluster and you need to position the balloons carefully, see picture (cluster 2).
Create a 5-balloon cluster using 5″ Animal printed latex inflated to 3″ or smaller (cluster 3). Starting with cluster 1, add cluster 2, then cluster 3, these can be secured together using Dacron line. Inflate the last 5″ black but only make a very small bubble, tie the balloon on the twist of the bubble so that it remains tight. This is the cat’s nose and can be added to the center of the last cluster. Using the 2 remaining 5″ white balloons, once again make small bubbles with these, approx. 1″ and tie these together at the very end of the neck so that there’s a good stretch between the balloons. Slide this duplet from the base of the last cluster so it hooks in and position the eyes as in the photo. Use a black pen to draw on the eyeballs. 



Tie the 3 black 160Q balloons together in the center. Trim them so that they are the same length on either side and hook them around the cat’s nose to form the whiskers. The cat’s tongue is made from the 6″ red heart. Puff a small amount of air inside without inflating the balloon and then tie it. Slide this balloon into place and it will hold in place or use a glue dot to secure it.

Secure the cat’s head to the body at the knot end of the 18″ balloon, and work out the position you want the cat to sit in and secure the body to the base using glue dots. Finally inflate the black 260Q and add to the 4 balloon cluster base. Add a little bend into the balloon so it looks like a tail.