Top Hat Centrepiece

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• 2 x Conduit Poles 12’ Lengths
• 92 x 5” Pearl Ivory Latex Balloons
• 276 x 5” Pearl White Latex Balloons
• 1 x 36” Just Married Ivory & Gold
• 4 x 11” Hearts & Roses-A-Round Latex Balloons
• 4 x 9” Metallic Gold Microfoil Hearts
• 4 x 18” Candlelight Rose
• Elegant Rose White & Gold #40 Angel Sheer
• Posca Pen
• Cake Board
• Nylon Line



smiley centerpiece_img1


Take a Gold Cakeboard and pierce 2 holes in the center, then take a piece of a 260Q and pull through the holes coming to the Gold side.  Now using the Dual Split Second Sizer with Double Bubble Outlet inflate a cluster of 4 balloons each being a 3.5” for the Insider Black and 4.5” for the Diamond Clear outsider balloons, secure the cluster to the Cakeboard using the piece of 260Q

smiley centerpiece_img2

Inflate with air using the Dual Split Second Sizer an 11” Gold sized to about 8” and tie into the cluster secured to the base in Step 1, then inflate a 5” Black sized to 2.5” tie tightly and cut of the remaining neck below the knot – now glue onto the front of the Gold as his nose, draw on two eyes and the mouth using Black Posca Pen.

smiley centerpiece_img3

Take a Black 260Q and inflate with the Dual Split Second Sizer 2/3rds of the way, tie and cut off the neck.  Then make a 1” bubble, followed by a 2” loop twist, move along the balloon 6” and twist.  Push the air along the balloon a few inches and then tuck this uninflated area into the cluster under the head (see Pic) now move along the balloon 6” and add a twist, make a 2” loop , and end with a 1” bubble – tie and remove any remaining latex to complete the arms.

smiley centerpiece_img4


For the Hat you can either place on a bought top hat or make one like this design has from 260Q Weaving.