Top Hat Column

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• 55 x 5” Black
• 20 x 260Q Black
• 2 x 260Q Gold
• 16 x 11” Black
• 8 x 11” Gold
• 1 x 30” Gold
• 8 x 16” Diamond Clear
• 8 x 11” Top Hat Print
• Base Plate
• 6′ Conduit Pole
• Glue Dots
• Black Cracked Ice
• Gold Liquid Fabric
• Black Cane
• Posca Pen
• Cake Board
• Nylon Line





This design features the Conwin Balloon Bulb! Firstly you need to place the 3’ Gold balloon over the bulb and then inflate the balloon to 2.5’ – now add the bulb to the top of the pole and bring the lead down and secure to the pole using some pieces of 260Q tied around.

top hat column_img1

Using the Precision Air inflate and add the clusters to the 6’ Pole and Base,

Start with:
4 x 11” Black sized to 10”
4 x 11” Gold sized to 10”
4 x 11” Black sized to 10”
Followed by 4 x 5” Black sized to 4” until you get to 30” from the top of the pole.


Add the last few 10” Clusters so that they sit snug under the 3’ holding it in place, cut out from a sheet of Black Cracked Ice the Big Bow tie which is to be added under the 3’ neck.

spacerSTEP 4

Add some gold fabric through the whole column to give movement and act as the scarf, and a Top Hat either Woven or pre-bought and a Cane to finish the design off switch the Balloon Bulb on to illuminate the design!!