Tropical Nights

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About this Design:

A new twist on a classic design. The updated colors and streamline appearance of the square packed trunk adds a touch of elegance to this tropical theme!


• 150 x 5″ Pearl Teal Balloons
• 15-17 x Gold Palm Fronds
• 8 x 260Q Gold Balloons
• 2 yds x Gold Lame Fabric
• 1/2″ x conduit pole
• Base Plate





Add a slight bend to 1/2″ conduit. Attach to a heavy baseplate.

tropical_nights01STEP 2
Air fill two 5″ balloons to 4″. On the Precision Air Inflator the setting is 0.06.


Tie inflated balloons into a duplet. Wrap the duplet onto the pole. In order to achieve a square, streamline look to the trunk, the duplets must be wrapped on one at a time. This is what is pictured. For a fuller, round look, wrap two duplets into a quad and wrap the quad onto the pole.



Wrap rope light strand around trunk. 



Inflate 6 palm fronds with air and tie into pairs of two. Inflate 6 more palm fronds with helium and tie into pairs of two. The combination of air-filled and helium-filled palm fronds will add variety to the placement of the fronds on the top of the palm tree. Wrap the 6 sets of palm fronds together at the knots. Air filled 6 260Q balloons, tie into duplets and twist into the palm frond cluster. Tie an uninflated 260Q balloon onto the completed palm frond cluster and use the 260Q to attach the cluster to the trunk of the tree. Work the palm fronds around the confetti cannon.

tropical_nights04 STEP 6

Inflate additional palm fronds with helium and tie into cluster of 2’s and 3’s. Air-fill 2 260Q balloons and tie into duplet. Wrap into palm fronds. Tie the small palm frond cluster onto a sand weight and place at the bottom of the palm tree. Use fabric to cover base mechanics.