Tropical Tiara Arch

Designed By:



Amscan International Ltd.

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This design was supplied by: amscanlogo


• 42 x 11” Wild Yellow Anagram Decorator Latex Balloons (990461)
• 42 x 11” Fab Fuchsia Anagram Decorator
Latex Balloons (990059)
• 80 x 5” Chic Green Anagram Decorator
Latex Balloons (990456)
• 7 x 19” Metallic Lime Green star foil balloons (0712802)
• 2 x heavy weights – or use house bricks wrapped
in Lime green tissue



Inflate two Wild Yellow balloons to 11” with helium (0.9 seconds on a Dual Sizer or Duplicator 2), and tie into a duplet. Create another duplet with two Fab Fuchsia balloons, inflated with helium to 10” (0.8 seconds on a Dual Sizer or Duplicator 2). Twist these two duplets together into a cluster, keeping balloons of the same colour adjacent, rather than opposite.

Wrap the cluster created in step 1 onto Dacron line, which has previously been secured to a weight.


Create a four-balloon cluster using 5” Chic Green balloons inflated to 4.5” with air (0.5 seconds on a Precision Air. Wrap this cluster onto the line, positioning the balloons tight up against the previous cluster and nestling in the gaps.

Step 4

Repeat the previous two steps a further 19 times, ensuring that the tension between the clusters is maintained at all times.

Step 5

Finish with a final large cluster, as detailed in step 1.

Step 6

Tie off your arch to a second weight.

Step 7

Using the Auto-Fill Foil Outlet on the Dual Sizer, inflate a foil star with helium, tape up the tail, and secure to the arch
with two pieces of double sided tape, fixing the balloon between the two Wild Yellow balloons at the apex.

Step 8

Add 6 more foil stars as above, to alternate clusters either side of the first foil star.