Wedding Arbor Pink

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About this Design:

This beautiful wedding arbour can be used for the wedding ceremony, to frame the wedding cake or the perfect entranceway making it ideal for wedding pictures!


• 4 x Base Plates
• Just Married ARP Diamond Clear 5”
• Just Married ARP Diamond Clear 11”
• Diamond Clear 5”
• Pearl White 5”
• Pearl White 11”
• Metallic Silver 5”
• Silver 260Q
• White 160Q
• Organza Ribbon
• Silk Flowers
• 4 x 5’ Poles/Conduit
• 2 x lengths of aluminium rod



Method of Construction:

Create all 4 columns first; please note that the 5” balloons are a random selection and not a formal pattern, please note that the Magenta balloons are double stuffed with Silver over the top to create this very soft colour.
Starting from the base and working upwards

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 1.37.35 PM

• Start by creating a single spiral using the 4 x Silver 260Q, to do this inflate all 4 260Q’s and create duplets

• Slide each duplet carefully under cluster 5, & then pull the 260Q’s through to the top of this cluster. (image 1)

• Twist all 4 balloons around the poles to create the spiral, secure using an un-inflated 260Q.(image 2)

• Now inflate and create duplets using the White 160Q.

• Carefully hook each duplet under one of the 5” balloons from cluster 5 and again on the opposite side with the other 160Q duplet. (image 3)

• Carefully wrap each of the 160Q’s around the spiral created by the 260Q’s and secure at the top, it is easier to do this one balloon at a time. (image 4)




Use either 2 lengths of aluminium rod or 2 hardware arch kits, making sure that they are long enough to create the height that you require for your arbour, please ensure that you leave approx 18”- 24” without balloons on  at each end to slot into the top of each column/ conduit.

Start each end of the arch with the same balloon sizing as clusters 3, 4 and 5 (these will fit on to clusters 13 & 14 when slotted into position.)
Now use the spiral techniques as cluster 6 using only 2 x 160Q white and 2 x 160Q Silver, you should only require one set of these at each end, but try and use as much of the inflated balloon as possible. Finish each of the spiral lengths with a cluster of  3 x 4” double stuffed Magenta. You will have a gap in the centre.

Create a double bubble topiary ball using 12 x 11” Diamond Clear with 12 x 11” Pearl White.
To create a topiary ball create 6 duplets with the double bubble balloons and twist them all together to create a ball..



Take the 2 aches and cross them over at the centre, now push the topiary ball onto the centre point, this will hold the arches in position and create a centre focal point.

If you are going to add ribbon and silk flowers these should be added before you position the arbour arches.

I would recommend using 4 people to position the arches onto the columns. To complete the design add ribbons and flowers to the columns, I have also added 3-balloon clusters of 5″ Magenta balloons double stuffed with 5″ Silver on the top, I have randomly positioned these on the columns.