Inflator Match – Dual Sizer & Air Force 4



We found the perfect match for you!

Based on the answers you provided, we suggest two inflators for you to get the job done.

The Dual Split-Second Sizer

Automatically Inflates One Balloon

Automatically Inflates Two Different Sized Balloons

Automatically Inflates Two Balloons to the Same Size

Automatically Inflates Foil Balloons

The balloon designs you’ll be able to make:

Helium-Filled Balloon Arches, Columns, and Garlands
Balloon Deliveries, Bouquets, and Centerpieces
Balloon Canopies
Balloon Retail Sales
Air-Filled Balloon Arches, Columns, and Garlands*
Air-Filled Balloon Sculptures*
Foil Balloon Sculptures*
* with a Nitrogen Cylinder or Air Compressor

Here’s How it Works:

Automatically inflates and sizes one balloon at a time,
two balloons to different sizes or two balloons to the same size.
Automatically inflates latex double bubbles.
Automatically inflates all foil balloons to the perfect size.
Works with helium, nitrogen or air from an air compressor.

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Dual Sizer Inflator Add-On Accessories

The Air Force 4 Inflator

Inflate 4 Balloons
at the Same Time

Inflate 16″ & larger
Balloons in 1/3 the Time

The balloon designs you’ll be able to make:

Air-Filled Balloon Arches, Columns & Garlands
Air-Filled Balloon Walls
Air-Filled Balloon Murals
Air-Filled Balloon Sculptures
Balloon Drops

Here’s How it Works:

Inflates up to 4 air-filled 9″ balloons and larger, simultaneously.
Inflates up to 3 Air-Filled 5″ and specialty balloons (2″ & larger), simultaneously

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Air Force 4 Add-On Accessories