DVD Support

Master Series Balloon Decor DVD Set – Support

These DVDs are an interactive tool that contain direct links to web resource pages and best viewed on a computer to access all functions.

Requirements to access DVD-ROM Features

DVD-ROM with a DVD decoder installed. The DVD will not work in a CD-ROM drive. A working internet connection and
Flash 6 or higher is necessary to access some features. Some advanced features may not function on certain players.
PC Requirements: Windows 95 or higher with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Special instructions for Vista users can be found below.
MAC Requirements: OS X System or higher.

Window Users

With Windows computers, you need to install a small application that will process the DVD@CCESS links.
To install the DVD@CCESS software on a Windows system:

1. Insert the DVD into the computer.
2. Open the DVD so you can view its contents.
(Some systems may require you to right click on the DVD icon and select “Explore” to access the contents)
3. Open the DVD@ccess folder.
4. Run the Installer application (DVD@ccess.exe) and follow the onscreen instructions.
5. Restart your computer to activate the DVD@CCESS functionality.

Notes for Using DVD@CCESS on Windows Computers
– After installation, you can play your DVDs using any DVD playback application. When a web link is
encountered during playback, the DVD@CCESS software will automatically launch your browser and jump to the specified URL.

– The software only needs to be installed once on a given computer; it is not tied to a specific DVD title.

– You can disable the DVD@CCESS functionality at any time by opening the DVD@CCESS system tray applet and deselecting the DVD@ccess Active checkbox.

– DVD@CCESS web links will only work properly if the playback computer has an Internet connection.
If a link does not work as expected, verify that you actually have a connection.
(This does not apply to web links which reference local URLs, such as a file on the DVD or hard disk.)

If you experience problems please contact 1-800-877-8889 or email MasterSeries@ConwinOnline.com.

Vista Users

Pioneer® Balloon Company & Conwin Inc. have made the Web Links for Vista users accessible once the customer has registered their DVDs. To receive further information
click here to register your DVD’s.

If you experience problems please contact 1-800-877-8889 or email MasterSeries@ConwinOnline.com.

MAC Users

With Macintosh computers, DVD@CCESS functionality is built in to recent versions of the Apple DVD Player application. It is not necessary to install any software if your computer includes version 2.4 or later of the Apple DVD Player.

You may need to configure DVD Player to process the DVD@CCESS links. Select Enable DVD@CCESS Web Links in the Disc tab in DVD Player Preferences.

If you experience problems please contact 1-800-877-8889 or email MasterSeries@ConwinOnline.com.

Master Series DVDs Terms & Conditions

This website, the Master Series DVDs and the Special Feature web links are copyrighted by Pioneer® Balloon Company and Conwin Inc. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of any of the the above are strictly prohibited. Any copying or public performance with or without monetary gain is strictly prohibited and may subject the offender to civil liability and sever criminal penalties.

The designs and techniques shown on the DVDs and Portfolio Builders cannot be taught by others without prior permission from both Pioneer® Balloon Company and Conwin Inc.

Portfolio Builder Images – Copyright Terms & Conditions

Authorized Usage
Conwin’s Portfolio Builder images can be displayed in portfolios, shops, and marketing presentations. Images can only be used in their original print format supplied by and produced by Pioneer® Balloon Company and Conwin.

Not Authorized
Portfolio Builder images may not be scanned or photocopied, duplicated or reproduced in any way on any medium. Images cannot be featured on web sites or brochures. Images cannot be altered or modified from their original format.

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