New Products

Precision Plus™ Quick-Change Inflator

Features a versatile quick-disconnect fitting on top allowing you to easily change from one Snap-On Outlet to another, quickly and efficiently. Automatically inflate foil balloons to the perfect pressure and size with the Auto-Fill Foil Outlet.

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Connect a Snap-On Outlet to
inflate latex or foils.

Automatically inflates

*Specialty Snap-On Outlets Sold Separately

Economy Inflator with 10ft Extension Hose

Inflate balloons up to 10ft from the cylinder and quickly switch from one specialty Snap-On Outlet to another. Great for inflating larger latex and foil balloons away from the cylinder, allowing you more space while inflating.

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*Specialty Snap-On Outlets Sold Separately

Single Speed Inflator™

Designed with high-flow fittings to allow for fast inflation without distorting the shape of the latex balloon. Perfect for inflating large quantities of helium or nitrogen-filled balloons fast and efficiently.

Great for Car Lots & Balloon Releases!

Snap-On Soft-Touch™ Push Valve Outlet

Easily connects to any of Conwin’s 10ft Extension Hose Inflators or new Precision Plus Quick-Change Inflator and inflates latex balloons with 100% helium or nitrogen.

Includes a versatile extension tip to fill 5”, valved latex and entertainer balloons. Remove the extension tip to inflate 9” and larger latex balloons.

Conwin Carrying Case

The ideal choice for maintaining a professional appearance while transporting inflators, balloons, accessories, and tools to and from the job site.

Accessory Starter Kit

From Conwin’s Designer Work Belt and Cylinder Cover to Quick Cutters and Grip Tabs, the Accessory Starter Kit includes all the accessories needed to help you increase efficiency and maximize your time.

Save $15 with the Accessory Starter Kit compared to purchasing products individually.

Accessory Starter Kit Includes:

          • Designer Work Belt
          • Cylinder Cover
          • 3-Pocket Balloon Caddy
          • Quick Cutters (2pk)
• Adhesive Grip Strips (10pk)
• Adhesive Grip Tabs (108pk)
• Balloon Tying Discs (1000pk)
• Scissor Keepers (4pk)