Monstrous Mummy

The Monstrous Mummy is a great sculpture piece that can be used at a variety of Halloween and theme parties. As an air-filled design, the mummy can be constructed days before the event and easily assembled on-site!

Balloons Supplies Equipment
• 1 Bag of 11″ White
• 2 Bags of 5″ White
• 1 Bag of 260 White
• 2 Eyeball Balloons
• 1 3ft White Balloon
• 2 Designer Base Plates
• 1 6ft Conduit Pole
• 1 10ft Conduit Pole
• 1 – 12ft 3/8″ Aluminum Rod cut to 10ft
• Wire Cutters
• Duct Tape
• Precision Air
• Air Force 4
• Air Pro


STEP 1. Measure 3ft on the 6ft conduit pole and make a slight bend with the pipe bender to create the bend in the mummy’s front knee. Then place the conduit pole onto a base plate.

STEP 2. Make two bends on the 10ft pole at 3ft and 6ft marks. Next, place the conduit pole onto the second base plate. Note: The 6ft pole is not connected to the 10ft so that he can be transported easily.

STEP 3. Duct Tape the aluminum rod onto the 10ft conduit pole approximately 6-12″ from the top, pointing outward.


Inflating the Body

STEP 4. Follow the balloon inflation chart below for sizing using the Precision Air. Note: Each sculpture will be a little different depending on the bends to your conduit. The important thing to remember is proportion! Step back and look at him to make sure that all of his body parts are proportionate to the others. As you are inflating you may need an extra couple of quads here and there to fill him out. Inflate the 3ft balloon and attach it to the top of the 10ft conduit an extra 260.

Inflate two duplets with one balloon under-inflated in each duplet, and attach them onto the bottom of the conduit poles and above the base plates for his feet.


Creating Fingers

STEP 5. If you’re not a twister, just inflate one 11″ balloon and attach it to the end of each arm. If you do have some twisting experience, play around with a design you like using entertainer balloons.

Building Bandages

STEP 6. Inflate multiple 260s, leaving approximately 1″ un-inflated at the ends, and tie them together to make a long line of 260s. Starting on one leg begin wrapping the mummy with the 260s and continue until the entire mummy is wrapped, giving the illusion he is in bandages. When wrapping the 3ft head use glue dots to keep the balloons in place.
Tip: Tie no more than four 260s together at a time while wrapping them around the body. Once those four are wrapped, create another line of four 260’s and tie them on to the previous and continue wrapping.