10ft Extension Hose Inflator

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Product Description

The Ultimate In Flexibility and Convenience!

The Extension Hose Inflator features two outlets for fast simultaneous inflation. The versatile quick-disconnect fitting allows user to easily change the second inflating outlet (located on the end of the hose) to meet the specific needs of the job. The 10-Foot Extension Hose Inflator features a larger diameter hose with a quick-disconnect hook-up, providing greater flow and faster inflation. Specialty Snap-On outlets are sold separately.

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Available Snap-On Accessories:


How It Works

Interchangeable Snap-On Outlets!
Select the appropriate outlet for the job and snap it on. To remove the outlet, slide the brass sleeve on the quick disconnect fitting and the outlet is released.

Extension Outlet Offer Flexibility
Freedom to move up to 10ft from the cylinder makes the 10ft Extension Hose a great inflator for both in the store and on the job.

Manually Inflates Latex Balloons
Place the balloon over the Soft-Touch Push Valve and press down until balloon has reached desired size. Use Conwin’s Balloon Tying Discs to quickly and easily tie and attach ribbon.

What's Included

The 10ft Extension Hose Inflator (only) Includes:
– 1 Soft Touch Push Valve
– 1 10ft Extension Hose with Quick-Disconnect Fitting
– 1 Pressure Gauge
– 1 Ribbon Cutter
– 1 Disc Tyer Post

The 10 Extension Hose Inflator COMBO Includes:
– 1 Soft Touch Push Valve
– 1 10ft Extension Hose with Quick-Disconnect Fitting
– 1 Pressure Gauge
– 1 Ribbon Cutter
– 1 Disc Tyer Post
1 Snap-On Flex-Tilt Valve Outlet
1 Snap-On Trigger Valve Outlet
1 Snap-On 60/40 Helium/Air Outlet
1 Snap-On Bubble & Auto-Foil Outlet

Product Features

10ft Extension Hose
Gives you the ability to move up to 10ft away from the cylinder and allows two workers to inflate balloons at the same time.

Easy to Use Snap-On Outlets
From the Snap-On Bubble Outlet to the 60/40 Helium/Air Outlet, there are multiple snap-on accessories to meet the needs of any store owner or decorator. Accessories sold separately.

Latex Outlet
Soft-Touch Push Valve operates by pushing valve down and features an extension tip to inflate 5″, 260s and valved latex balloons.

Pressure Gauge
Measures how much helium is in the cylinder and enables user to calculate the number of balloons that can be inflated.

Disc Tyer Post
Allows the user to quickly tie balloons and attach ribbon at the same time when using Conwin’s Balloon Tying Discs.

Ribbon Cutter
Designed with a concealed blade for user protection.

Hand-Tight Connection
Attaches to the cylinder without the use of a wrench.

Flo-Loc® Safety Shut-off
This Conwin exclusive safety feature automatically activates if the inflator is damaged while under pressure, reducing the flow of helium to a safe level.

Product Details

For Use With: Helium, Nitrogen

• Manually inflates all sizes of latex and foil balloons

Recommended For:
• Beginners, Decorators, Retail Shops and Florists

Recommended Balloons and Sizes:
– Non-Round Latex: 260s, 321s, 350s, 360s, 646s, 660s, GEO Blossoms®, Geo Donuts®, Hearts
– Round Latex: 5″, 9″, 11″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 24″, 3ft, 6″ & 12″ LINK-O-LOONS®
– All Size Foils & Valved Latex Balloons

Instruction Sheet: Click Here to Download

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 5 in