Snap-On 60/40 Helium/ Air™ Outlet

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Product Description

Reduce Your Helium Costs by up to 40%!

The Helium/Air Outlet snaps on to Conwin’s 10ft Extension Hose Inflators and enables you to inflate 11” and larger latex balloons with a mixture of 60% helium and 40% air. Investment is quickly recovered with helium savings. By covering air intakes, outlet will also inflate balloons with 100% helium. 10ft Extension Hose Inflator not included.

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How It Works

Inflate Latex Balloons with a 60/40 Mixture of Helium and Air
The Fast-Flow Push Valve has a tapered tip to easily fit 11″ and larger latex balloons. Place the balloon over the latex outlet and press downward until balloon has reached desired size. The two holes located on either side of the outlet allow the air to be drawn in as the helium passes upward and into the balloon.

Helium/Air Outlet Also Inflates Balloons with 100% Helium
By covering the air intakes, the 60/40 Helium/Air Outlet will also inflate balloons with 100% helium. Cover the air intakes with tape for prolonged use with 100% helium.

Quickly Change From one Snap-On Outlet to the Next
To remove the outlet, slide the brass sleeve on the quick disconnect fitting.

Latex Balloon Float Times with 60/40 Mix


Latex Balloon Size

Approximate Float Time

11″ Latex w/ No Hi-Float

8-12 Hours

11″ Latex w/ Ultra Hi-Float *

3-10 Days

16″ Latex

30+ Hours

24″ Latex

2-4 Days

30″ & 3ft Latex

3-5 Days


Note: Float times may vary due to altitude, environmental conditions, and proper balloon sizing.

* For maximum float time on 11″ balloons with a 60/40 mix, it is recommended to use Ultra Hi-Float with the purple restriction clip on the Hi-Float pump.

What's Included

The Snap-On 60/40 Outlet Includes:
– 1 60/40 Helium/Air Outlet with Quick Disconnect Fitting

Product Features

60/40 Outlet
Saves up to 40% on helium costs.

Snap-On Quick Disconnect Fitting
This versatile feature allows you to quickly switch between any of Conwin’s snap-on outlets fast and efficiently.

Product Details

For Use With: Conwin’s 10ft Extension Hose Inflator and Digital Inflator 10ft Extension Hose

• Manually Inflates Latex Balloons with 60% Helium and 40% Air

Recommended For:
• Beginners, Decorators, Retail Shops, Florists

Instruction Sheet: Click Here to Download

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2 in