Remote Helium Systems – Countertop Outlet Option

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Product Description

Deliver an Uninterrupted Supply of Helium to Your Balloon Counter!
Conwin’s Remote Helium Systems enables two helium supply cylinders to be safely and conveniently located in a back room, basement, etc.

A continuous high pressure hose connects the two supply cylinders to the balloon production area. When one cylinder is out of helium, simply turn the Cylinder Switch-Over Valve to change to the backup cylinder. Eliminates the need of having workers move heavy cylinders around customers. Cylinders are out of customer’s sight, providing a clean and professional appearance. Your staff will love it!

Inflator not included.

Remote Helium System Diagram

1. Front Room – Balloon Counter
The Countertop Helium Outlet can be mounted near the cash register, balloon display, or any convenient spot. Valve outlet enables you to connect any Conwin inflator, with standard cylinder threads, to the Countertop Outlet. (Inflator not included.)

2. Back Room – Helium Supply
Attach two cylinders to the Switch Over Control Unit. When one cylinder runs out of helium, simply turn the Cylinder Switch-Over Valve to change to the backup cylinder.

Custom Remote Helium Systems

Contact Conwin for pricing on custom hose lengths for Remote Helium Systems.

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What's Included

Remote Helium System -Countertop Outlet Package Includes:
– 1 Countertop Helium Outlet (Fits all Conwin inflators with standard cylinder threads)
– 1 Switch-Over Control Unit with 2 Cylinder Hook-ups
– 2 Cylinder Safety Wall Brackets
– High Pressure Hose (Available in 25′, 50′, 75′)

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 8 in