Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool™ with 10ft. Extension Hose Inflator

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Product Description

The Fast and Easy Way to Stuff Large Balloons!

The Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool with 10ft Extension Hose and Trigger Valve, efficiently fills large balloons with the maximum number of small balloons. The 10ft Extension Hose allows you to work directly off a helium or nitrogen cylinder. The Insider Tool requires an air machine to inflate the large outer balloon.

How It Works

Easy To Set Up!
Clamp the Insider Tool to a counter top and stretch a large balloon over the rim of the tool. The large balloon is filled with air using the Air Hose. The Insider Air Hose attaches to Conwin’s Air Force 4 Inflator, Air-Pro Inflator, or most air blowers, and allows you to fully inflate the large balloon through the one-way, back port on the Insider Tool.

Inflating Small Balloons Inside Large Balloon
Place the small balloon on to the Inflation Tool. Insert the Inflation Tool into the back port of the Insider Holding Tool and inflate. You’re not limited to only one size or shape!

Imagine the Possibilities!
Use hearts, GEO Blossoms® and entertainer latex balloons inside, and choose from 16″ to 36″ rounds, hearts, or even 646s or 660s balloons for the outer balloon!

Mix & Match!
With Conwin’s Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool, you’re not limited to loading only one size or shape balloon into the larger balloon. Mix and match balloon sizes, shapes and colors to make your designs more impactful and profitable. Your customers will notice the difference!

What's Included

The Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool w/ 10ft. Extension Hose Includes:
– 10ft. Extension Hose Inflator
– 1 Snap-On Trigger Valve
– 1 Balloon Holding Tool
– 1 Clamp
– 1 Air Hose
– Instruction Sheet

Product Details

Instruction Sheet: Click Here to Download

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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 5 in