60/40 Helium/Air Outlet Support

60/40 Helium/Air Outlet Support

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General troubleshooting recommendations for your 60/40 Outlet:
What is the correct size setting for the 60/40 Outlet?

Size settings for inflating helium-filled balloons on digital inflators manufactured after 2009:

Dual Split-Second-Sizer
• 2nd Stage Regulator set to 70 PSI
• 1 Outlet = 1.4 seconds
• 2 Outlets = 1.7 Seconds

Duplicator 2
• 2nd Stage Regulator set to 70 PSI
• 1 Outlet = 1.4 seconds

Note: Size settings for the 60/40 Outlets are set higher than standard outlets because the opening of the outlet is constrained to achieve the correct air intake ratio for a true 60/40 mix. You are not using more helium by increasing the size setting when using a 60/40 Outlet.

Something is rattling inside. Is this normal?

Yes, there is a small ball inside the outlet that stops the back flow of gas through the air intakes after the balloon is inflated.

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No replacement parts are available for this product.
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This video shows you how to use the 60/40 Helium/Air Outlet.