Air Compressor Hook-up Hose Support

Air Compressor Hook-up Hose Support

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General troubleshooting recommendations for your AC Hook-Up Hose:
Air Compressor Hook-Up Hose Instructions

Attach the quick disconnect socket to the air compressor and the other end into the back of the inflator.

Note: Proper air compressor maintenance should be observed to prolong filter and inflator unit life as well as the life of the compressor. Most modern portable air compressors have a “pit-cock” valve on the bottom of the air cylinder which should be opened after every use to drain the condensation. Failure to drain the moisture can result in water, sediment, and oil build up in the compressor air cylinder which can flow through your air compressor hook up hose, shortening the life of the filter and potentially your Conwin inflator.

When should I change the filter on the AC Hook-Up Hose

The colored beads inside Conwin’s Air Compressor Hook-Up Hose’s filter will change from dark blue to a complete light orange transparent color if moisture is present in the line. If this occurs, the filter needs to be changed. See the Replacement Parts tab on the left for a replacement filter.

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Replacement Parts

Below is a list of the available replacement parts for this item.
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This video shows you how to use the Air Compressor Hook-Up Hose.