Air Force 4 Support

Air Force 4 Support

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Select from any of the topics to the left or view the troubleshooting recommendations below to get started. From replacement parts to directions on how to receive factory repair, it’s all here!


General troubleshooting recommendations for your inflator:
Hot air is coming out

Try the following:
1. If you are inflating 9-inch and larger balloons be sure to remove the extension tips from the outlets. Restricted flow for a prolonged period of time can cause the unit to overheat. This is also the case when inflating double stuffed balloons.

2. When inflating 260’s, be sure to pull and stretch the body of the balloon upward until it starts to inflate.

3. The Air Force 4 should be operated in a temperature controlled environment. Do not use the unit outdoors in hot weather for prolonged periods of time.

4. Check to see that the air intakes around the base of the inflator are free and clear. Make sure balloons or confetti have not entered the inflator.

Air Force 4 is not turning on

Make sure the power cord is firmly secured in the inflator and the power outlet.

If the inflator still does not turn on, check the fuse. The fusebox on the Air Force 4 is located above the the powercord connection. Using a flathead screwdriver, gently open the fuse drawer. If the glass on the fuse is black, the fuse has been blown and will need to be replaced. Click on Replacement Parts tab, on the left, for Replacement Fuses.

If the inflator had been working, and suddenly shuts off, in most cases, this means that the Thermal Override Shut Off has been activated. This feature is designed to ensure the inflator does not overheat. Once the inflator cools down, it will allow you to begin inflating again. This cool down process could take up to 45 minutes.

To prevent overheating, always:
• Operate the unit in a temperature controlled setting.
• Never block off the inflating outlets.
• When working outdoors make sure to keep the unit out of direct sunlight.
• If using the continual “ON” mode, turn it off every 20-30 minutes and let it rest for 5-10 minutes.

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