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Select from any of the topics to the left or view the troubleshooting recommendations below to get started. From replacement parts to directions on how to receive factory repair, it’s all here!


Charts for your inflator:
Balloon Size Setting Charts

Time Setting Chart

The settings below should be used as guidelines for the Precision Air. Please note that size settings will vary based on user preference, balloon color, manufacturer and from unit to unit. To adjust the size of the balloon to your individual preference it is necessary to inflate test balloons.

 Balloon Size Approx. Time Setting
5″ Balloon 0.8 Seconds
9″ Balloon 1.5 Seconds
11″ Balloon 2.5 Seconds
16″ Balloon 8 Seconds
General troubleshooting recommendations for your inflator:
Balloons are not inflating to the same size

Confirm your finger placement on the outlet when inflating balloons. Be sure your fingertips are no where near the opening of the outlet otherwise the balloons will not inflate to the same size. Refer to the image below to confirm your fingers are at the right placement.

WITH Extension Tips


WITHOUT Extension Tips


Make sure you are inflating the same type of balloons, (metallic balloons, Jewel Tone balloons and Standard Color balloons all inflate differently). Mixing balloon color types will appear to create inconsistent sizing due to the varying shape of the balloons.

Examine the Extension Tips. If there are any cracks or dents, the Extension Tips will need to be replaced. See the Replacement Parts Tab to the left for Replacement Extension Tips.

Models manufactured AFTER to 2009
• The latest Precision Air model features outlets that can be recalibrated. To recalibrate your inflator refer to page two in the Current Model Instruction Sheet, above.

Models manufactured PRIOR to 2009
• Identify which side is not inflating correctly and try switching the outlets. If the problem switches to the other side, the outlets needs to be replaced. See the Replacement Parts Tab to the left, for Replacement Outlets.

If the problem persists, try preforming a 5-Point Tune-Up, below.

How to perform a 5-Point Tune-Up

When inconsistent sizing occurs, we recommend the following steps to tune up your inflator:

Step 1. Remove the filling outlets.

Step 2. Spray silicone lubricant spray directly into inflating ports on the top of the unit. IMPORTANT: Only use spray silicone lubricant. Do NOT lubricate the unit with an oil-based lubricant. Spray silicone lubricant is available at your local hardware or automotive store.

Step 3. Tilt the inflator to the right and hold for a few seconds. Then, tilt the inflator to the left and hold for a few seconds. This will allow the silicone lubricant to fully enter the solenoid valves.

Step 4. Set your unit to 10 seconds.

Step 5. Cover the inflating ports on the top of the unit with a rag to prevent the silicone from entering the atmosphere and your eyes. Tap the foot pedal several times to cycle the unit. This will blow out any dirt or foreign particles from the solenoid valves that can cause the valve to stick.

Lights are on, but unit is not inflating

In most cases, this means that the Thermal Override Shut Off has been activated. This feature is designed to ensure the inflator does not overheat. Once the inflator cools down, it will allow you to begin inflating again. This cool down process could take up to 45 minutes.

To prevent overheating, always:
• Let the unit vent between cycles.
• Operate the unit in a temperature controlled setting.
• Never block off the inflating outlets.
• When working outdoors make sure to keep the unit out of direct sunlight.

Lights are not turning on

Make sure the power cord is firmly secured in the inflator and the power outlet.

If the inflator still does not turn on, check the fuse. The fusebox on the Precision Air is located above the the powercord connection. Using a flathead screwdriver, gently open the fuse drawer.

If the glass on the fuse is black, the fuse has been blown and will need to be replaced. Click on Replacement Parts tab, on the left, for Replacement Fuses.

If the fuse is not black, contact Conwin Support.

The Precision Air is very sensitive to power surges. For best results, always plug your Precision Air into a surge protector and a dedicated electrical outlet. Extension cords are not recommended.

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This video shows you how to properly use models manufactured prior to 2009.