Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool with 10ft. Ext. Hose Inflator Support

Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool with 10ft. Ext. Hose Inflator Support

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Select from any of the topics to the left or view the troubleshooting recommendations below to get started. From replacement parts to directions on how to receive factory repair, it’s all here!


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General troubleshooting recommendations for your product:
Air comes out of the 3ft when stuffing balloons

As the yellow flap is pushed in to allow space to inflate the smaller balloons, air from the outer balloon will come out. We recommend you practice inserting, inflating and tying 5″ balloons inside a 3ft. With a little experience you will be able to quickly inflate the small balloons without allowing a lot of air from the outer balloon from escaping.

Note: On average, you will need to re-inflate a 3ft with air approximately 2-5 times while stuffing 5″ balloons inside.

Can I mix gases?

We highly recommend you do not mix helium with air or helium with nitrogen.

If you are using helium to float the outer balloon then you must use helium inside all the balloons within the balloon regardless of what shape or size. If you put air inside the inner balloons and then fill the outer balloon with helium, the helium will absorb into the inner balloons and eventually they will start to pop. It’s best to stay with the same gases.

Air inside the smaller balloons = Air inside the outer balloon.
Helium inside the smaller balloons = Helium inside the outer balloon.

• When stuffing the outer balloon, it’s best to inflate it with air, even if your smaller balloons are helium-filled, as you will need to continue re-inflating the 3ft as air escapes through the yellow flap.
• When you are finished stuffing the smaller balloons, deflate the outer balloon of it’s gas and re-inflate it with whichever gas is inside the smaller balloons. Just as long as your finished design contains the same gas in both the smaller and outer balloons, you should not encounter any problems.

The yellow flap on holding tool is not holding in air

This is caused by wear and tear and the Holding Tool will need to be replaced. See the Replacement Parts Tab to the left, for a Replacement Holding Tool.

Difficulty tying the smaller balloons

If you are experiencing difficulty tying the smaller balloon through the Holding Tool, we recommend watching the “How-To” video in the Video Tutorials tab to the left for an inventive tying technique.

How to store pre-inflated stuffed balloons

Step 1. Stuff the outer balloon with air-filled smaller balloons. Note: Stuffed balloons inflated more than 10 hours prior to an event should be air-filled.

Step 2. Remove the outer balloon from the Holding Tool and deflate it to the point where the outer balloon lightly touches the smaller balloons inside. Meaning, there should be a little air left inside.

Step 3. Using a 260, tie a knot around the neck of the outer balloon and place the balloon inside a Hi-Float® Transport bag or large garbage bag.

Step 4. When ready to re-inflate, remove the balloon from the bag and cut the 260 off. Re-inflate the outer balloon with air and attach the balloon into your design.

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This video shows you how to properly the Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool.